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Kos Kaffe is a small-batch specialty coffee microroaster and cafe serving handcrafted beverages and seasonal, homemade breakfast, lunch, pastries, and snacks. 


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Sarah huck

Our super-talented barista Miranda made this very handsome promotional poster with her own two hands.

Our super-talented barista Miranda made this very handsome promotional poster with her own two hands.

You know what we really love over here at Kos Kaffe? Good vibes. And the good vibes were humming this year on International Women’s Day.

Full disclosure: we’ve got a lot of women working here in the café—baristas, cooks, our coffee roaster, Sam. We wanted to do something that would make an impact close to our hearts. The coffee-growing industry is overwhelmingly powered by women: in some regions it is estimated that women do as much as 70% of coffee supply chain work, but only 15% of the coffee grown is in their name.  These women are often working in countries where quality of life is poor, gender inquality is rampant, and health services in particular are expensive and scarce. Grounds For Health is an organization dedicated to helping women in major coffee-growing countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Peru gain access to crucial, life-saving cervical cancer screenings.

It's important stuff, for women and the specialty coffee industry, and we can't thank you customers enough for supporting our fundraiser for this amazing organization that day.

And while we're on the subject, take a few minutes to check out some of these other resources for our fellow coffee women: 

International Women's Coffee Alliance: Empowering women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives.

Cafe Feminino: Provides grants and other support for women in coffee-growing regions. 

Great short film by Equal Exchange coffee co-op profiling some rockstar coffee women. 

In Solidarity,

Kos Kaffe