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Kos Kaffe is a small-batch specialty coffee microroaster and cafe serving handcrafted beverages and seasonal, homemade breakfast, lunch, pastries, and snacks. 

Tanzania Tweega Peaberry


We source high-quality, ethically-minded green coffee beans from around the world (primarily organic, Fair Trade, single origins), which we roast several times a week in our 12-kilo, small-batch Diedrich R12 roaster. We believe this ensures that each bean's maximum flavor and aroma always reaches your cup at peak freshness. 

Tanzania Tweega Peaberry


Tanzania Tweega Peaberry


“Tweega” is Swahili for Giraffe. This peaberry coffee is a blend of the crop from smallholder farmers in the Mbeya region. The mill and and quality control is provided by TEMBO (“Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity”), an organization that focuses on educating and empowering women and girls; projects include education sponsorship, micro business, outreach education, and community learning. One 16-ounce bag.

Cupping Notes: Nose of sun-dried tomatoes and citrus. Oolong tea notes – apricot and honey, nougat like sweetness. Velvety body and sweet finish.

Processing Methods: Fully Washed

Varietals: Bourbon, Kent, French Mission Bourbon

Altitude: 5500 TO 6200 feet

Roast: Light

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