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251 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11215
United States


Kos Kaffe is a small-batch specialty coffee microroaster and cafe serving handcrafted beverages and seasonal, homemade breakfast, lunch, pastries, and snacks. 

TOASTY: Harney & Sons Genmaicha


We source high-quality, ethically-minded green coffee beans from around the world (primarily organic, Fair Trade, single origins), which we roast several times a week in our 12-kilo, small-batch Diedrich R12 roaster. We believe this ensures that each bean's maximum flavor and aroma always reaches your cup at peak freshness. 

TOASTY: Harney & Sons Genmaicha


TOASTY: Harney & Sons Genmaicha


Harney & Sons is a premium, family-run tea company based in Millerton, New York. This unique green tea gets its nutty flavor from the addition of rice kernels added while the green leaves are being dried; the kernels get crispy and some burst open. The genmaicha has a beautiful appearance and a pleasant roasted flavor. One 4-ounce tin loose leaves. 

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